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Dulse flakes granules powder ?

You do not say which it is on the website.... and so i just thought what i wanted = powder.
As it turned out it was flakes - little tiny flakes. And i just accepted that that form was better and did not think again about it, until now.
My complaint is that it costs so much money for it, but i guess it is because it takes another step to process it into tiny flakes.
With the astronomical cost of seaweeds i am likely going to stop eating it since i cannot afford it much longer.
Sad isn't it~? You need to make a living, but i have no income. To stay alive i have to stop eating things that are highly nutritious.

Consistently Excellent: My Year-Long Experience with Seaweed Kings' Purple Chondrus Crispus Sea Moss

I've been purchasing Purple Chondrus Crispus Sea Moss from Seaweed Kings for over a year and have consistently been impressed by their products and service. The quality of the sea moss is top-notch, always arriving fresh and consistent in texture and color, which speaks volumes about their handling and packaging. Their ordering process is straightforward, making repurchases easy, and their delivery has always been prompt, with each order arriving on time. Although I haven't had the need to interact with customer service due to the smoothness of all transactions, it's worth noting that I’ve experienced no issues to date. Overall, my satisfaction with Seaweed Kings is high, and I genuinely appreciate the reliability and quality they offer.


Arrived quickly and in good condition! Appears to be a very good quality

Great as always.

Great product. Authentic and fresh sea moss.

clean seaweed

does the seaweed we receive actually have sand and/or shells in it.i eat it right out of the package and have never had a problem.it taste great.

Hey Health Enthusiasts and Wellness Warriors,

First off, major kudos for the 100% natural resin. No weird additives or funky business – just pure Himalayan goodness. It's like having a sip of mountain magic.
Now, the potency! This little jar is packed with over 85 trace minerals, not to mention fulvic and humic acids. It's basically an immunity superhero in a jar. I felt like I could challenge a mountain after a few days of this stuff.
However, let's address the elephant in the room – the taste. It's...distinctive. Earthy, herby, and a tad bitter. If you're a flavor adventurer, consider it a journey for your taste buds. If not, mix it in your smoothie and call it a day.
And oh, the energy boost is real. Forget about those midday slumps; this is like having a pers

Very strong taste, needs to be mixed to mask taste; high quality resin

have mixed feelings about this Himalayan Shilajit Resin.I tried it out because my friend swears by this supplement, and says it has helped her stay healthy by boosting her immune system.Unfortunately, the taste of the resin was just too strong for me, no matter what I mixed it with.I ended up giving the jar to my friend, who is really happy with it. She says it's high quality, and she's been using it with her favorite brownie recipe.

Seaweed satisfied

I received the big bag of Dulse and it is good! Very pleased.

Atlantic Dulse Whole Leaf Organic Sourced Maine

Great product

I love the purple Chondrus crispus from this company, always reasonably priced and good quality.

Ways I use the Dulce MMMMMM

First, having used Dulce regularly for many years. For MUSCLE CRAMPS and I find it helps cut down on having to use the Magnesium powder( that fizzes to clear with warm water). It adds good sea flavers. DULCE FLAKES I just purchased no can be put in salads, & soups etc I make without cutting up with a scissors.
REGULAR DULCE I will always use for snacking. Seaweed King's Dulce is free of those small very small barnacle or shellfish bits that were with the Dulce I used to get 40 years ago.

Great Company

The cost of the Dulse was the lowest of others. The packaging is incredible! The shipping was very fast. These people know how to get repeat business.

Excellent Product and Service!

Seaweed Kings has excellent seaweed products for sale! I had a question about my order, and customer service was very quick and efficient. I shall definitely order from them again.

Best-tasting seaweed.

It’s great in soups, salads, and sandwiches (ever tried a DLT?). Dulse is my favorite seaweed. Great way to get your minerals.

Thank you! Excellent

Great Product!

Friends introduced me to Seaweed King's dulse, and I loved it. Have made multiple orders and shall continue to use their fine products! Great product, great company, and great customer service!


Best Chondrus Crispus out there right now!!

Always quality. I love the little sea animals bedded in the package. Purple seamoss is king!!

Purple Sea Moss - 100% Wildcrafted Sun Dried Sea Moss Sourced Maine

Great Product!

It is not easy to find a trustworthy source of Chondrus Crispus, but this is definately high quality! I have been selling Sea Moss for 4 years, and this is by far, the best I have come accross.

Thank you so much!

No communication, overwhelming amount of bugs in product

There was an overwhelming amount of bugs that looked like small roaches in my order, I tried to contact over and over and over with no luck

Purple Sea Moss

I decided to try the sea moss for a change from the dulse that I usually get. It was a bit chewy for me if I ate it straight out of the bag. The moss worked better for me when it was added to the ingredients of a dish that I was cooking. I also enjoyed it very much when I crisped it up with a little fan bake and had it with a brewski. The flavor is incredible! Thanks.

Yum! Fresh and Full of Flavor

Great quality dulse seaweed! It is semi-soft and chewy and has a gorgeous burgundy color. It is a great source of iodine which I definitely taste; not too salty but has a nice, clean, balanced flavor. I like the fact that this is harvested and processed in the US. The bag is resealable for convenient storage. This dulse is good eaten as is for a snack or added to meals. Pictured here is a lentil and rice dish with dulse incorporated at the end. When cooked, the texture is softer and the flavors tend to blend in more, but you can still detect them. This can also be used on sandwiches, added to seafood dishes, soups, etc. Overall, great product and I am definitely satisfied.

Delicious and Nutritious

We love these products!!

Great product, terrific service, and planet-caring delivery 🙏🏻

I have only ordered once thus far, but I am already loving you folks! I will assuredly order again. Thank you for being you.

Very Fresh

I add this to my Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie by the Medical Medium How to heal chronic illness.