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Purple Sea Moss - 100% Wildcrafted Sun Dried Sea Moss Sourced Maine


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Ladell Preston
Consistently Excellent: My Year-Long Experience with Seaweed Kings' Purple Chondrus Crispus Sea Moss

I've been purchasing Purple Chondrus Crispus Sea Moss from Seaweed Kings for over a year and have consistently been impressed by their products and service. The quality of the sea moss is top-notch, always arriving fresh and consistent in texture and color, which speaks volumes about their handling and packaging. Their ordering process is straightforward, making repurchases easy, and their delivery has always been prompt, with each order arriving on time. Although I haven't had the need to interact with customer service due to the smoothness of all transactions, it's worth noting that I’ve experienced no issues to date. Overall, my satisfaction with Seaweed Kings is high, and I genuinely appreciate the reliability and quality they offer.

Kristi Geimer
Best Sea Moss!

We've been testing different sea moss species and suppliers for years. This is the one! We notice the most benefits with this chondrus crispus! Very high quality and very dry when received. We started making get out of this and the st. Lucia gold kind. This purple stuff outperformed the gold easily on the quality and noticing benefits. It gelled up nicely. Not the best tasting but I soak it in lime and blend it with bladderwrack, strawberries and agave. Now we also grind it up with bladderwrack and burdock root and make our own capsules with it. I actually like the fact that I find some rocks and shells in this sea moss. To me that proves it is real and not being grown in pools. Just rinse, rinse, rinse lol. Shipping is fast too. Thank you Seaweed Kings!

Heather Miller
Not what I hoped but it is real sea moss

I got this Purple Irish Sea Moss not to make tea or add to foods but for crafts. I was hoping to make a natural dye from it and/or add it to candles & wax melts. Sadly, once you add it to water it turns brown & the liquid is also brownish. It also smells like sea moss - strongly smells of sea moss. I brewed some in hot water to test the color & my cat, who was sound asleep on the opposite side of the room, woke up & came over to smell the cup as it smelled that strongly. That means I can't add it to wax without worrying that scent will leech into the wax.I have no intentions of actually drinking this as the smell alone is way to off-putting to me personally. I'm not entirely sure what I will do with it but I suspect if none of my neighbors want it it will become compost.

D. Fowler
A high-quality, clean, vitamin-infused Irish sea moss sourced from Maine …

I grew up eating dulse, another treasure from the sea. This purple Irish sea moss is yet another superfood from Maine. This has a wide variety of vitamins, but nothing overwhelming in any department. This sea moss can be soaked and blended with into a smoothie with other ingredients. Another way, of course, is to eat it plain out of the bag.The sea moss has been washed and cleaned. There was no sand in the moss nor any heavy salty taste. This is an acquired taste, but if you want an unusual vitamin-infused addition to a smoothie or other foods, this would be a good choice. This is a high-quality Irish sea moss from Maine that is a good value.

Purpilious Sea Moss!

Wow! This is the best purple sea moss I found on Amazon. I have been buying sea moss for the past year and have tried many varieties. I do not like the type from St Lucia or anywhere in the Caribbean. Those have thick stipes or stocks. I’m no marine biologist, I just like what I like. I prefer sea moss from the cold waters of the North Atlantic- Ireland or this one from a Maine. Does not disappoint. I soaked 25g in water for 8hours, then blended with spring water using an immersion blender until smooth. I consume 1 tablespoon daily in soup, hummus, guacamole, scrambled eggs, pasta sauce, etc. Great for recovering sore post-work out muscles.

Great as always.

Great product. Authentic and fresh sea moss.

Eugene Mclaurin Jr
Great product

I love the purple Chondrus crispus from this company, always reasonably priced and good quality.

Clifton Williams
Best Chondrus Crispus out there right now!!

Always quality. I love the little sea animals bedded in the package. Purple seamoss is king!!

David John

Purple Sea Moss - 100% Wildcrafted Sun Dried Sea Moss Sourced Maine

Shanetha Downing
Great Product!

It is not easy to find a trustworthy source of Chondrus Crispus, but this is definately high quality! I have been selling Sea Moss for 4 years, and this is by far, the best I have come accross.

Thank you so much!

Our Purple Irish Sun-Dried Sea Moss is 100% Natural and Wildcrafted. It's in Raw form. We're Irish Sea Moss farmers. You get these products directly from our farm to your table.

We have 10,000 Happy customers with 5 Start Rating and we are quite popular on ETSY, eBay, and AMAZON

✅ Always Fresh: Our BEST-SELLING Purple sea moss contains unique components that we are quite proud to share. In protected areas of the ocean where no ships or boats are allowed, our raw Irish sea moss is naturally produced, sun-dried, and organically grown. You only receive the best, we guarantee. Because you've helped us and because we appreciate you.

✅ Top-Notch Quality: 5-star products need a 5-star store. And with over 10,000 happy customers. We are sitting on the THRONE of the best-selling sea moss company on the ETSY, AMAZON, and eBay platforms, and we are quite proud of it. 

✅ 100% Real & Authentic: Our Irish Sea Moss is 100% Natural, Wildcrafted, and organically harvested in small eco-friendly portions. If for any reason you are not satisfied just let us know and we will do our best to make it right! We believe in customer satisfaction.

✅ Improves Your Immune System: Emerged from the depths of rocky shoreline islands. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Purple Sea Moss contains over 92 essential minerals and nutrients including iodine, zinc, calcium, potassium, sulfur, iron, selenium, manganese, silica, and more! Pls check how our Irish sea moss is harvested

✅ Irish Sea Moss From Maine: Purple Sea Moss is an extremely rare version of sea moss. Just as green cabbage differs from purple cabbage, the locals believe the purple-colored Sea Moss may have additional benefits when compared to Gold Sea Moss. Purple Moss has a distinctly much stronger ocean smell and taste. Locals swear by it! Our Purple Sea Moss is from Maine it is considered the best quality Sea Moss all over the world.

We accept bulk orders and our products are available for dropshipping too. Contact us for more information.

Purple Sea Moss Gel Preparation


Rinse/Clean Sea Moss thoroughly (2x-3x), washing away salt, sand, and debris from the sea, and then soak using one of the following methods:

COLD WATER METHOD: Soak in purified water between 6-36 hrs (UNTIL SOFT/SLIPPERY/SLIMY) Rinse again. Add to blender with water in a ratio of 1 cup of Sea Moss to 1.5-2 cups of distilled/purified water. If too thick, add more water. Blend until smooth and creamy. If not soft after soaking, use the heat method. Refrigerate or freeze immediately after preparation. Following preparation, the gel will be good for up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator and 1 year in the freezer.

WARM/HOT WATER METHOD (for quicker results): Soak in cool water for 30-60 minutes. Rinse again. Add to pot and cover with water of hot water. Allow sitting for 1 minute then remove from heat. Allow sitting for 5 minutes. Do not discard water. Add water in a ratio of 1 cup of Sea Moss to 1/4 cup of distilled/purified water. Blend until smooth and creamy. If too thick to blend add more water.

Once the gel is prepared add a spoonful to your favorite smoothie and blend for a delicious drink!

Wholesale Sun Dried Purple Sea Moss

We accept bulk orders. if you want to purchase above 10lbs contact us. we'll provide you with good discounts on Irish Sea Moss.


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