Seaweed Kings

Storm Cast Seaweed Kelp Meal Fertilizer



Seaweed Kings. All natural STORM CAST SEAWEED is recycled, upcycled, sustainably
hand-collected, and nutrient-dense whole plant Rockweed Kelp sold in bulk quantities wet or dry. This seaweed grows in the cleanest North American waters, right along the coast of

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Kelp meal works by adding organic matter to the soil, which aids with moisture retention and contributes to healthy root growth in crops. The benefits of kelp are that it is a completely natural, organic product and a source of over 70 vitamins and minerals. Breakdown of Ascophyllum nodosum in soil repels pests and increases beneficial microorganism populations.

Kelp meals are slow-release fertilizers that support nutrient building.
Kelp meal is an organic, non-pollutant resource that adds valuable micronutrients, natural growth hormones, and vitamins that help increase yields, improve soil structure, reduce plant stress from drought, and increase frost tolerance.

Kelp meal can be incorporated into potting soils, seed, and transplant beds, as well as composting material, and even used in teas or foliar spray.

Kelp meal is also used to enhance the flexibility and sheen of the skin and coat in dogs, cats, and horses.