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Seaweed Kings

100% Pure Irish Sea Moss Powder


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100% Pure wildcrafted and organic Sea Moss Powder Sourced from Maine

✅  100% Real and Authentic Sea Moss Powder - Our Sea Moss Powder is 100% real and wildcrafted. We get Sea Moss from Maine which is considered the better quality than st. lucia.

Quality Product Since 2019 - We're selling sea moss powder since 2019 and got 0 complaints about our sea moss powder.

✅ Fastest Shipping - Our sea moss powder is available for the fastest shipping even though we're able to fulfill orders in 2 days all over the united states.

✅ Wholesale Sea Moss Powder - We accept wholesale and bulk orders for sea moss powder. Pls, contact us if you need more than 10lbs of sea moss powder.

✅  Satisfied CustomerWe have 10,000 Happy customers with 5 Start Rating and we are quite popular on ETSY, eBay, and AMAZON. 

Seaweed Kings Sea Moss Powder is made from 100% Wildcrafted Irish SeaMoss from The Cleanest water of Maine. Irish sea moss powder can be used to make sea moss that can be used in sauces, snacks, and smoothies. 


Sea Moss Powder has all the merit of Sea Moss Leaf only difference is in Powder form instead of Irish Sea Moss Whole. Purple Sea Moss helps to boost your immune system and detoxify your liver and body from waste, toxins, and severe liver damage

What's the use of Purple Sea Moss Powder?

Our sea moss powder is made from 100% real and wildcrafted sea moss. Sea Moss powder can be used to make sea moss gel, and smoothies and sea moss capsules also can be added to a bunch of recipes like sauces, and ice cream. Sea Moss powder can be even consumed directly if you like it. I heard also sea moss powder can be used in coffee. :)

 Sea Moss powder is rich in vitamins and minerals which can help detoxify your body. Additionally, sea moss powder contains anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce the risk of disease.